How to appear clever during your presentation

When you embark on a journey like writing a thesis, you will most likely be surrounded by a sea of intelligent people. When it is time to present your work, you need to make yourself stand out amongst all the other clever ones. Some of us are born academics but we fail to deliver during presentations for a host of reasons unrelated to your intelligence. However smart you already may be, here are some ways to appear smarter during your presentation.

1. Don’t voice your opinion immediately.

Whenever you are at meetings or any type of discussion, you need to project a professional image. It’s not a good idea to strongly agree or disagree without hearing out others’ opinions. Being one of the last ones to speak, instead of the first, gives you many advantages. After hearing what everyone has to say, you can provide an answer that considers both sides, or an idea that hasn’t been discussed before.

2. Memorize some facts.

Not just any random statistical data – by now we all know how often statistics are correct or simply fabrications. Keep some facts handy that are relevant and contain real information. While you cannot base the main body of your ideas on “pocket facts,” they help in transitions, introductions, or to preempt an imminent criticism.

3. Acronyms and jargon
Acronyms are abbreviations of entities common in your field of study – and you will probably see them a lot. You must exercise caution with them. Using them excessively will take away credibility from your cause, but you need to be familiar enough with them to recognize it when others use it, and to utilize them to add an extra snap to your presentation.

4. Organize your research using a personal approach

One of the worst situations to be caught in is searching for data you know you have, but you don’t remember exactly where it is located. When you first start your research, you may be tempted to categorically organize your research in the most common and widely used format. But when the time comes to find that research, you will hard pressed to remember exactly where it has been stored. It’s a better idea to organize your data according to your own system. This way you will internalize it, which also makes you appear genuinely knowledgeable.

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