Thesis Chapter

There is a lot of stress that is involved in working on a thesis; like the pressure of meeting deadlines, correction after a professor’s feedback, revising and preparing for the presentation. Thesis writing is the most daunting task for almost all students pursuing PhD. A scholar is not only evaluated for the research work and analysis but also for their expertise in writing. The referencing and the citation style should be according to the university standards. A well-written thesis is properly divided into chapters by the scholars.

A thesis chapter, unlike book chapter, deals with more than one big idea at a time. It is to be read and studied by the examiner and therefore, is indispensability for an apt thesis. The thesis chapters are interlinked, and topic in one chapter forms an important basis of another chapter. Thesis chapters require much review of the literature to form grounds for trustworthiness for the process to generate the chapter material.

The thesis chapters must also have a connection with other chapters. The scholar’s therefore, need to ensure that the chapter has a beginning and an end that is related to the overall meaning of the text in the thesis. The scholars must also ensure that their thesis chapters have appropriate length after discussing with their professor. Last but not the least the thesis chapters must be consistent with similar tone, style and genre while writing.

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