Significance of citation compliance in PhD thesis

Writing a PhD thesis needs a lot of patience, time and research. Sometimes, students may not be able to complete their PhD thesis due to lack of attributes. Thesis writing needs a number of aspects, of which some are the most important aspects. Citation is one of the important aspects of PhD thesis and a student should comply with it in their PhD thesis as per the standards of the university. Thesis citation is an important attribute that gives credit to the original content.  The absence of citation in any thesis can lower the scores of the students. Not only this, a student will become answerable to the review committee about plagiarism.  Hence, it is highly important and crucial to include citation in your PhD thesis.

The students should consider a few rules and guidelines, while writing citations of PhD thesis.  Below are some of the points, which PhD students should keep in mind while writing PhD thesis.

  • Ideally, the citations are of different formats and styles. Some of the commonly used citation styles are – APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard etc.
  • The student can cite the sources directly in his/her PhD thesis. Other than this, references are very useful and important while writing citations. If we have a look at the APA style of format, the student should write the word ‘Reference’ on the top of the reference page. One can use different formatting tools like – bold, underline and CAPSLOCK ON/OFF.
  • While writing the names of the books that are linked with the research work, the student should make sure that they are presented in correct format. The correct format should include – Name of the Author, Date of publishing, Editor’s Name, Encyclopedia and volume, Location, Publisher’s Name etc.
  • When the student takes up and academic project, he/she should make sure to mention all the sources that were referred throughout the process of research work.

There are a number of methods to cite the sources in your PhD thesis.  Writing a good citation need a number of factors to consider.   If you looking for some assistance to cite the sources in your PhD thesis, you can take help of online thesis writing platforms like – You can visit the website to know more about the services provided by this writing firm.  All you need to do is, just login to the website and get some valuable ideas on how to cite the sources effectively in your PhD thesis.

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