Data Collection

Writing a dissertation is a lengthy and tiresome task. Dissertation writing is the most daunting task for almost all students pursuing dissertation. A scholar is not only evaluated for the research work and analysis but also for their expertise in writing. Dissertation writing is very difficult and also a crucial step in a student’s life. It is challenging from the very first step to the last. Students have to make sure that the dissertation is well knitted to meet its required goal and stand against all the observations and questions. Collecting the Data is very important step in ensuring a well knit thesis. This is where, the ways of data collections are figured out keeping in mind the time, money and the resources available.

Data Collection is one of the bases for dissertation research analysis. Irrespective of the topic chosen for the dissertation writing every research scholar has to collect data and decide between the different methods of data collection. It is also vital to select right test to handle and collate the data collected. In order to derive apt statistical tool and test there should also be judicious observations. There are various steps in collecting data –

1. Determining the sample design – this is where the sample size is determined and different sampling techniques are studied.
2. Selecting between the different data collection methods like self reports, observation, interview, physiological measures and focus groups.
3. Executing the project – this is where the project is executed and in a systematic manner and in the time available.
4. Analyzing the data – This is where the data is analyzed , coded, tabulated and drawn in the form of charts with reference to the statistical facts.

Therefore, it becomes indispensability to have apt data collection methods. We at help scholars around the globe to collect data and evaluate the same and come up with appropriate hypothesis of the data.